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Innovative Research and Development

Adhering to the spirit of technological innovation to create technological innovation enterprises

R & D Strength

The research and development investment of the company accounts for 8% of the operating revenue, with more than 800 full-time researchers, more than 1000 patents, and more than 30 major national/local/industrial science and technology projects, including industrial design, electronic circuit, software design, structural design, and system design.Its market has spread all over the country and has successfully developed international markets such as Japan, Southeast Asia, North America and Western Europe. At the same time, the corresponding service network has been established to provide timely and rapidly various sales services for customers.

Power battery research and development system - - ACE power currently has a complete power battery research and development system, mastering from the core technology of single cells, battery modules, battery management system (BMS) to the vehicle battery pack development, and continuing to improve the safety, cost-effective, energy density, cycle life and other performance.

  • 5%

    R&D investment accounts for
    business income

  • 800%

    Full-time R&D personnel

  • 1000%

    Number of patents

  • 30%

    Major National/Local/Industry Science and Technology Projects

Research and Development Investment And Manpower

Research and development Investment costs and continuous attraction of manpower, etc., do not hesitate to invest in the future.