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UN1973/IEC62133:2017/UN38.3+MSDS/RoHS/e(2006/66/CE)  /FC SDOC/CE-EMC...
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Telecommunication Base Station

●With LiFePO4 power cell ●Advanced algorithm of SOC/SOH,system calculates the real tim...
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IDC UPS Application

●Power density of Li-ion is 4-5 x VRLA ●Cycle life of LFP is above 4 x VRLA ●Above...
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Module and Rack

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Large Scale ESS

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Low Voltage Residential ESS

●Optimize household energy use structure, reduce energy consumption and carbon emission. ●Availa...
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High Voltage Residential ESS

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Product Application

  • UPS6-3
  • UPS2
  • UPS1
  • Energy storage street lamp
  • Telecom-1
  • Telecom-2
  • Telecom-3
  • Telecom-4
  • Telecom tower
  • IDC UPS Application-1
  • IDC UPS Application-2
  • IDC UPS Application-3
  • IDC UPS Application-4
  • IDC UPS Application-5
  • Large Scale ESS-1
  • Large Scale ESS-2
  • Large Scale ESS-3
  • Household energy storage
  • Low Voltage Residential ESS-1
  • Household energy storage system
  • High Voltage Residential ESS

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